San Franciso Trip

On my second tour I took my bicycle up to San Francisco on the Amtrak train and then rode back to Los Angeles

One lesson I learned from my first small trip was that a little planning goes a long way, so I did a little planning, but not a lot. I got a bicycle route book, Bicycling The Pacific Coast: A Complete Route Guide, Canada To Mexico and studied it to make sure I could actually do the ride.

I took Amtrak up to Oakland to begin my trip. The price was pretty reasonable. It cost fifty two dollars plus about twenty more to bring my bicycle. We left Union Station in Los Angeles at about ten o’clock and arrived twelve hours later in Oakland.



After the train arrived in Oakland I got my luggage and my bicycle and rode to my hotel. The next morning I took the ferry going to San Francisco.

I rode across San Francisco to Golden Gate Park and then to the coast. I then turned south beginning my trip to Los Angeles along Highway One. There were some days I did thirty miles, and there some I did eighty miles. If I did it over again I would have taken more time to look around.

Where I stayed and When
Stayed At Date
Hotel on Alameda Island 11/13/2008
Half Moon Bay State Beach 11/14/2008
New Brighton State Beach 11/15/2008
Veteran’s Memorial Park 11/16/2008(two days)
Andrew Molera State Park 11/18/2008
Kirk Creek Campground 11/19/2008
Hearst San Simeon State Park 11/20/2008
Morro Bay State Park 11/21/2008
Hotel in Grover Beach 11/22/2008
Refugio State Beach 11/23/2008
Hotel 6 in Carpenteria 11/24/2008
Home 11/25/2008

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